Product Innovation-led Growth

Your market is becoming more competitive

As categories mature products reach feature parity. With technology now more accessible barriers to entry are lower and competition for customers more intense. Building and marketing new product features isn’t sufficient to deliver material growth in existing markets. 

You’ve got a treasure trove of assets

Enterprises need to leverage their product development capabilities, employee creativity and existing brand assets to help customers do their jobs better and create greater value.

But you need a new organisational approach

A new product requires a different strategy, process, mindset and skills. A pilot customer, feedback, a reference, surely it’s that simple? However, history shows it’s not that black and white. The existing metrics, processes, techniques, psychology and incentives of the performance engines of mature enterprises don’t provide the necessary conditions for fledgling revenue streams. And traditional product marketing techniques aren’t sufficient.


Most of my 20+ year career has been helping market-leading brands take new B2B SaaS products to market. There have been successes. And failures. But some of the latter could have been avoided. I’ve continuously learned and gone deeper into the factors that contribute to success and better understood the risks that need to be managed. I’ve taken what worked and packaged it into a methodology and framework that can applied to innovation-led growth situations.


Clients include global services businesses and B2B SaaS companies.

Rab Singhania, Transformation Director – “Jonathan is currently still working on adding details to the go-to-market process he has designed for us, but the work he has done so far is excellent and has been commended by all stakeholders”

Capability Consulting

I work with CEO’s and Transformation Directors to enable them to unlock the product innovation growth potential in their organisations. For a free 1 hour consultation, please contact me at